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Inspired by the true story of Fairbourne in Wales, Decommissioned is a funny and confronting play about how we’re meant to care for children, fall in love and stay sane while tackling the climate catastrophe.

Decommissioned premiered at the Pleasance Theatre in London in April 2023.


"‘Decommissioned’ is heart-warming, comical, and intimate. Through the use of wide-eyed, clued-up children and two childhood sweethearts as the main protagonist the audience are gifted with moments of hope." Amy Tickner, London Pub Theatres

"Rightly, the play ends with a positive message, while leaving the audience with plenty of food for thought. A thoughtful and perceptive production." Chris Omaweng, London Theatre1

In 2021 we received public funding from Arts Council England for an R&D to explore the play and prepare it for touring.

Molly had an interview with Karen Thomas of The Environment magazine, which you can read below. 

Photo credit Lidia Crisafulli.

Decommissioned: Scripts
Decommissioned: Image


An informative and humorous play about real life living through the climate crisis in a disadvantaged area of Wales.

A funny, well-acted two-hander that makes climate change real to Us, and the generations after us, who are the ones who will have to deal with it. Hard-hitting, but compassionate. Needed.

A deep look at how climate change is imminently affecting a coastal community in Wales, with a lot of attention paid to the ways it’s affecting the current generation of children.

Fabulous! A heartfelt exploration of climate anxiety. Clever, witty and intense.

I really enjoyed the characters of Gwen and Elis. The characters felt very real and you could feel the warmth of their relationship.

I enjoyed that the play was grounded in such specificity that I was very much learning not just wallowing in climate anxiety memes!

Decommissioned: Testimonials
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